Can’t Miss Photo Opportunities Around Pawleys Island

Fishing & Guide Information

There are unlimited activities for any adventurers who choose to explore the beautiful Low Country. From a fun day of catching your dinner fresh from the creek, kayaking and fishing through the marshland  or hiring a fishing excursion or a guided scuba diving experience.  There is plenty to keep you entertained.      






Pawleys Island and the mainland, there is a scenic tideland creek that provides a beautiful setting for a variety of activities. Fishing, crabbing, wildlife viewing, kayaking, and paddleboarding in the creek are opportunities for family-friendly fun on Pawleys Island.

For people who want to fish and crab in the creek, stores on the mainland have fishing poles, nets, and all the equipment needed to catch flounder, blue crabs and more. Some recommended stores include: Palmetto ACE Hardware at 8317 Ocean Highway; Pawleys Island Outdoors at 9790 Ocean Highway, Pawleys Island; and Pawleys Island Supplies at 10460 Ocean Highway, Pawleys Island.

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